Social and relationship capital

Grindrod recognises that engagement forms the basis for developing respect, trust and understanding between all stakeholders, which enhances their ability to achieve their aspirations and objectives in a mutually beneficial way.

Stakeholder groupings

Stakeholders and engagement objectives comprise:

  • 12 314 ordinary and 1 925 preference shareholdings and the investment community – communications and meetings about financial and operational news.
  • 5 881 employees on six continents – continuous engagement on business performance, career and personal growth.
  • 14 unions and three bargaining councils – maintaining an open-door policy with unions (to which 20 per cent of employees belong) and bargaining councils (five per cent).
  • Business partners – engagement to ensure mutual commitment and unlock the value of infrastructural assets.
  • Almost 3 000 customers within integrated supply chains – engaged through personal interaction, events and written communication to ensure that Grindrod strategies and operations remain aligned to customer requirements and delivery expectations.
  • In excess of 4 900 suppliers in the procurement chain – personal engagement and news updates to ensure that procurement is managed transparently and optimally.
  • 32 countries, each with local and national governments, infrastructure authorities, governing bodies, NGOs and communities – engagement to promote and maintain sustainable and mutual value-add.
  • Government departments and regulatory bodies – engagement through meetings, reports and written communications to ensure mutual understanding of compliances and compliance targeting.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility investments favour education and environmental projects:

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