Intellectual capital

The success Grindrod achieves in developing, managing and expanding sustainable products and services is the result of the knowledge and experience of people who expertly manage the diverse interests that collectively provide innovative integrated logistics, banking and investment solutions.

Skills development

Training and development comprise formal training, professional development and on-the-job coaching, internally and through external service providers. Training spend in 2016 amounted to R8.6 million (2015: R12.9 million).

Shared Services continued to standardise common business processes and systems at central level.

Human Resources prioritised the establishment of uniform policies, procedures, terminology and benchmarks across all businesses. Focus areas included employment-equity compliance, the B-BBEE scorecard, job grading, performance management, succession planning and employee relations.

Information Technology continued to consolidate services at the centre and nearly finalised the implementation of SAP systems in Freight Services and Shipping, with only three businesses still to migrate onto the uniform platform.

Business improvement measures included moving on-site support services to the centre to reduce duplication of services and replacing the communications platform with an advanced suite of facilities which include video-conferencing.

In 2017, business analytics will be further improved to aid management.

More information on intellectual capital is available on the company website.

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